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              2017-07- company successfully developed the first 280mm large-diameter mandrel

              2017-11-06 11:43:15 admin 3

              Continuous resin transfer molding based on years of leading (also known as CRTM injection pultrusion process), Hebei high power Polytron Technologies Inc in July this year, creatively developed a diameter of up to 280mm glass fiber reinforced plastic rods (mandrel with composite post insulator), made a historic breakthrough.

              In early 2003, Compro technology applied for injection pultrusion patent and established the first commercial production line based on this technology, since 2003, has been the process in mass production. In addition, Compro technology is still widely absorb industry professionals, is committed to upgrading injection pultrusion process, and constantly introduce new products.

              In 2017 July, after more than 1 years of development for more than 7 months, Compro technology successfully developed in the history of the first mandrel diameter for 280mm composite insulators, which are unique in domestic and abroad. This solves the problem that the core rod of large diameter composite post insulator can not be directly produced by injection pultrusion process. Compared with other production processes, to pull the injection of large diameter mandrel extrusion process output not only can realize the continuous production and in terms of electrical performance, mechanical performance, or in the chemical erosion is the best.

              As in the past, Compro technology is committed to the development of high-quality products to meet customer needs. As a pioneer of composite insulation materials industry, Compro technology will be adhering to the concept of innovation of enterprises, continue to make stronger, leading the development of the industry.






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