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              Insulator series
              Insulator series

              Transverse composite insulator


              This product is used for AC, 220kV and below power generation, transmission, substation and distribution system, for insulation and support of belt parts. Standard: the product model according to the "JB/T9683-1999" type preparing method of insulator products shall be prepared, "implementation of JB/T5892-1991 configuration parameters for high voltage transmission line composite insulators and technical conditions" JB/T8737-1998 "composite insulator for high voltage transmission line using standard guide". The important parameters and configuration without the above standard definition of GB311.1-1997, according to the "high voltage transmission and distribution equipment" GB/T5582-1993 "requirements and insulation coordination of pollution level" insulation of high voltage electric power equipment external correction.


              Light weight, small size, easy to transport and install

              High mechanical strength

              Good stain resistance

              Maintenance free


              The umbrella, the mandrel and flange.


              Injection molding

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